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Nevada Cardiology Associates strives to deliver the utmost in personalized cardiovascular care.

Our Services


Find the answeres to your frequesntly asked questions here.

General Cardiology

From consultation to testing. We will diagnose the problem and find the solution.

Ultrasound Imaging

Provides a detailed ultrasound picture of the heart. Evaluates blood flow and screens for blockages.

Nuclear Cardiology

Providing a map of blood flow through the arteries of the heart and measuring the squeezing ability of the heart muscle.


Services for monitoring, testing and treating abnormal heart rhythms.


Restoring normal blood flow by opening up blocked blood vessels.

Wellness Center

We offer many wellness services including an on-site dietitian.

Meet The Doctors

Meet our talented group of doctors. They are here to help you through each and every phase.

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What beta blockers are approved for heart failure?

There are two beta blockers approved for heart failure in the United States. The first is metoprolol succinate (also...
Three components of treating heart failure

Three components of treating heart failure

    There are three components to keeping heart failure under control: –          Daily weights –          Diuretics –          Fluid...
Should I Use Aspirin?

Should I Use Aspirin?

Aspirin acts on the platelets which are the blood clotting cells of the body. It makes them less “sticky”...